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Commercial Operations

In today’s markets, B2B teams need flawless execution. Whether you want to transform your go-to-market approach, enable your sales teams to hit this year’s number, or simply run tighter sales ops processes, we can show you how.

Commercial Operations

It’s time to think beyond sales operations. In today’s world of multichannel selling and a rapidly evolving technology, you need what we call commercial operations—a set of capabilities with a broader, more strategic mandate. Proficiency in this area allows you to both plan the business with strategic intent and run the business with best-in-class processes, effective frontline support, and a well-curated technology stack. Done right, commercial operations is an engine for revenue growth. But rarely is it done right.

We help every kind of B2B company achieve these gains. The first step is understanding which capabilities matter most for your organization and how mature they are today. Our Commercial Operations X-Ray assesses current performance using a combination of capability and KPI benchmarking. Our Tech Stack X-Ray looks specifically at your sales and marketing technology environment, with a focus on adoption and ROI, as well as “gaps and overlaps” among current applications. Armed with this in-depth understanding of your current state, we’ll partner with you to develop a clear business case for which capabilities to develop further, as well as a roadmap for how to sequence these improvements.

From an organizational perspective, we'll also help you design the best operating model for commercial operations, helping you determine which capabilities are included in the CommOps function, where and how activities should be take place (performed by a centralized team or a localized team, for example), and what resourcing levels are right for each capability.

Lastly, for your most important and urgent needs, we can work with you to build, operate, and transfer new capabilities into your existing commercial operations organization. In this case we’ll deploy an Agile, sprint-based approach that quickly produces results and generates buy-in from line executives and frontline reps alike.

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