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NPS Prism®

NPS Prism®

NPS Prism® is a customer experience benchmarking service that provides actionable insights and analysis that guide your creation of game-changing customer experiences. Based on rock-solid sampling, research, and analytic methodology, it lets you see how you compare to your competitors on overall NPS®, and on every step of the customer journey.

With NPS Prism you can see where you’re strong, where you lag, and how customers feel about doing business with you and your competitors, in their own words. The result: Prioritize the customer interactions that matter most. Use NPS benchmarks to propel your growth and outpace the competition.

Innovation Partner of the Year

Our NPS Prism® benchmarking service receives Qualtrics award one year after launch.

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More About NPS Prism

More About NPS Prism

NPS Prism is based on a rigorous double-blind market research methodology. It gives you hands-on access to tens of thousands of NPS responses along with relevant operational metrics. Armed with customer experience benchmarks and other essential data provided by NPS Prism, you can analyze how you compare to your competitors and other relevant companies outside your industry on the specific interactions that shape the customer experience.

An intuitive dashboard interface allows leaders responsible for key elements of the customer journey to benchmark their company at the customer episode level, so they can prioritize the initiatives that will make the biggest impact on customer experience and customer loyalty. 

NPS Prism is continually refreshed. It includes NPS scores, verbatim customer feedback, and indicators of operational metrics, so you can combine analytics with a nuanced assessment of customer sentiment, satisfaction and operations.

At a Glance

At a Glance

Additional Information

Additional Information

NPS Prism offers a choice of three subscription tiers—Platinum, Gold and Silver—allowing you to access the combination of data and services that best fits your organization's needs.

We created the Net Promoter Score® and the Net Promoter System®, both now used by hundreds of leading companies around the world to improve customer advocacy and loyalty, and to inspire employees to develop a customer-centric culture. Read our loyalty insights and explore our other resources to find out what NPS is and what it can do for your organization.

NPS Prism is currently available for:

  • U.S. Retail Banking and Wealth Management
  • US Small and Medium Business Banking
  • Canadian Retail Banking and Wealth Management
  • Turkey Retail Banking and Wealth Management 
  • Thailand Retail Banking and Wealth Management
  • U.S. Consumer Telecommunications
  • Australia Consumer Telecommunications

NPS Prism will soon expand to:

  • U.K. Retail Financial Services
  • Indonesia and Singapore Retail Financial Services
  • 10 additional industries


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No other source of customer experience NPS benchmarks comes close to the depth and reliability of NPS Prism.

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