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Press release

Bain & Company acquires consultancy, Enterprise Blueprints, to help clients deliver business outcomes through enterprise technology

Bain & Company acquires consultancy, Enterprise Blueprints, to help clients deliver business outcomes through enterprise technology

Enterprise Blueprints’ deep architecture expertise and proven track record will further enable clients to harness the power of technology in transformations

  • janeiro 12, 2023
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Press release

Bain & Company acquires consultancy, Enterprise Blueprints, to help clients deliver business outcomes through enterprise technology

BOSTON—January 12, 2023—Bain & Company today announced its acquisition of Enterprise Blueprints, a provider of enterprise and solution architecture consulting services.

With 93% of companies undergoing technology transformations—but just 6% on track to achieve their goals—end-to-end support is vital to improving the odds of success. From the strategic design to implementation, companies are seeking a broader range of external support more than ever.

“Our work in enterprise technology helps clients solve complex, high-stakes problems and deliver superior business value,” said Stephen Phillips, head of Bain’s global ET practice. “Enterprise Blueprints’ deep expertise in architecture will add to Bain’s end-to-end enterprise technology capabilities.”

As one of Bain’s fastest growing capabilities, the firm’s ET practice has advised companies across industries and around the world. Bain’s global enterprise technology team supports core platform modernization programs, the adoption of agile operating models, the development of next-generation data platforms and more.

Enterprise Blueprints supports organizations at various stages from startups to global corporations across an extensive suite of technology architecture services including strategy, resilience, data, cloud, and security and cost optimization. The global team’s combined passion for technology and full-stack architecture capabilities have been instrumental in their rapid growth.

“Together, the firms combined expertise will support clients’ technology transformations end-to-end, from strategy to the realities of scale delivery,” said Phillips. “The acquisition will work to strengthen Bain’s pre-existing enterprise technology services with offerings that are especially important in leveraging technology to create competitive advantage.”

 Following completion of the deal with Bain, Enterprise Blueprints will continue to operate independently as a branded service line within Bain’s ET practice and will continue to provide services to its pre-existing clients across financial services and other private and public sectors.

“We are very excited to be joining forces with Bain to offer solutions that help companies achieve maximum results,” said Neil Mulholland, CEO of Enterprise Blueprints. “This deal allows us to build on, as well as reinforce, what we’ve accomplished over the last fifteen years.  We look forward to future achievements with Bain; ones that will allow us and our clients to reach even greater heights.”

“I am looking forward to working with Neil and his team at Enterprise Blueprints, as well as my colleagues at Bain, to bring enhanced solutions to clients,” said Laurent Hermoye, Bain partner who will serve as the executive chairman of Enterprise Blueprints after completion of the deal. “Business results hinge on end-to-end technology transformations now more than ever before.”

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About Enterprise Blueprints 

Enterprise Blueprints is an award-winning specialist technology architecture consultancy.

We work with our clients to solve their most complex architecture related challenges. We provide an extensive suite of services spanning digital, IT, architecture capability, resilience, data, cloud, cyber and cost optimization. We offer clients a range of service models to best meet their specific needs from tailored time and materials to true outcome-based Architecture-as-a-Service offerings. Many of our clients are in the financial service sector and we work with leading organizations of all sizes, from fintech start-ups to FTSE 250, to global corporations. We have been recognized in the Greater London Enterprise Awards as the best specialist IT consultancy and are ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and FSQS accredited. Our global team is our core as a company. Our clients seek out our architects because of their passion for technology, full-stack architecture capability, and their proven track record for pragmatically delivering as trusted team members.


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