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Business to Human: The Era of Customer Centricity

Lara Caimi of ServiceNow sits down with Bain's Justin Murphy to discuss how a great customer experience is essential to any successful business.


Business to Human: The Era of Customer Centricity

Successful businesses consistently provide great customer experiences. But what is it about the software-as-a-service (SaaS) landscape that gives software companies a leg up on the competition? Lara Caimi, chief customer and partner officer of ServiceNow, sat down with Bain Partner Justin Murphy to go in depth about the importance of the customer in the SaaS business model and why companies with a customer-first approach find the most success.


The New CEO Growth Imperative

Amid industry disruption and macroeconomic turbulence, the path to profitable growth can feel…elusive. There is a way forward: Earn growth with renewed focus on customers. Too obvious? Hear us out.


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