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Investor Relations: How to Get the Valuation You Deserve

Bain Partners Whit Keuer, Hubert Shen, and Jeff Haxer are joined by Thomas Aebischer, a Fortune 500 CFO, to discuss strategies for successful investor relations.


Investor Relations: How to Get the Valuation You Deserve

Most companies communicate regularly with investors, but a staggering 90% do not systematically link investor relations to strategy—opening the door for communication gaps that weaken investor trust and inconsistent messaging that impairs the company's equity story. In this webinar, Bain Partners Hubert Shen, Jeff Haxer (both from the firm’s M&A practice), and Whit Keuer (an expert in strategy and performance improvement), are joined by Fortune 500 CFO Thomas Aebischer to discuss how companies can avoid these pitfalls and retain investor confidence.

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How a Strategic Approach to Investor Relations Can Unlock Intrinsic Value

With a sharp equity story and seamless feedback loops, companies can get the value they deserve.


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