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Consultant, Seoul

Sobre Daye

​I firmly believe that there's no better place than Bain to acquire all the best capabilities as a junior consultant. Working at Bain is challenging, but at the same time, I feel that I'm maximizing my future career potential.

"​A consultant's way of thinking is focused on 'logic' to settle problems that spring up in diverse situations."

This logic is also consistent with a CEO's top-level perspective, which gives me an opportunity to practice getting to the solution quickly from tons of information. These are skills that you cannot gain from other firms as a junior.

Plus, I'm working with some of the smartest people in the world, which is beneficial in two ways:

  • First, the working process is streamlined and efficient, since there's no need to demonstrate rudimentary logic or reasoning.
  • Second, I can push myself to grow and learn from my coworkers. Bain sees consulting as a team sport, and we never let a team member lag behind. Beyond the working environment, our trainings and social events surround us with this "one team" spirit.

​It's only been about a year since I joined the Seoul office, and I already have three international case experiences out of a total of seven I've worked on. All different industries, all different people. Also, I transferred to the Sydney office for three months, so it's been a very busy and explorative first year. I was hoping to gain some global experiences as a junior, and Bain has certainly delivered!

I've had many wonderful experiences so far, but one of my favorite cases was in the cosmetics/fashion field. I've always been interested in female-focused consumer industries, and the deep dive into the industry specifics was fascinating. I learned how the industry works, and how successful companies differentiate themselves and attract loyal customers. From market segmentation to product/brand/channel strategies, the case gave me a new perspective whenever I go shopping.

Generally, as a very junior person in Korea, you will have limited opportunity to face senior clients. And as a young female, it's even tougher. Fortunately, Bain offers me plenty of chances to deal with senior clients. I get guidance from my team, but I have full accountability. I've gained a balanced view of client service, which I never expected to get as a junior, and I'm loving it!