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Larry Lennox-Choate

Director, Global Diversity Programs, New York

Sobre Larry Lennox-Choate

I'm Larry. I'm part of the global recruiting team. I work out of the New York office, overseeing our BGLAD and Veterans at Bain retention. BGLAD is the LGBTQ network at Bain and Bridgespan. I joined the Bain recruiting team in 2016. Prior to that, I held a very similar role at Harvard Business School, recruiting top LGBTQ and veteran talent to the business school.

As a veteran myself (West Point class of 2009) and someone who's made the transition from active duty to the private sector, I'm intimately familiar with a lot of the concerns that our veterans have. I know what they're thinking about because I've been there myself.

"Here at Bain, we know that diversity goes a lot deeper than just recruiting. It doesn't stop there."

Each of our case teams is incredibly diverse, and that's one of the great assets we bring to our clients. We know that bringing in those different perspectives and backgrounds allows us to solve our clients' most challenging problems, by coming at it from every different point of view, and every different kind of background and experience. That means we have to make sure we're hiring those people, that we're supporting people from different walks of life and backgrounds and experiences.

We've found that Bain is a very interesting next step for a lot of veterans, post-MBA, because they're looking to apply all of the strengths and the skills they've already developed. It's problem solving. It's the pace of work, the fast turnaround. They like to be in high-pressure environments. They're bringing those things and just their general ability to be great team members, to understand how they can fit in and bring value to the broader mission of each individual case team.

Because of Bain's generalist model, we can promise you that you're going to be dipping your toes in a lot of different industries. Within all of those industries, you'll be solving lots of different types of problems. You'll do that with the support of the home office staffing model, meeting with your staffing manager to discuss the skills you want to develop and tailor the cases you're going to be put on. You'll also meet regularly with your professional development advisor, who works in your office and is an advocate for you, who knows exactly what experiences you're bringing to the table and what kind of skills you want to develop.

If you'd like to learn more about these two groups at Bain, keep an eye on our website. We advertise our special target events through the main school pages, so you'll find all of our information there. And keep a lookout for me and other representatives of both of these groups at all of the major school events. We look forward to meeting you, answering your questions and supporting you however we can as you pursue your career at Bain.