Davos 2020: Tackling the Plastics Challenge

Bain's Jenny Davis-Peccoud shares long-term solutions to cut down on the use of plastic worldwide.


Davos 2020: Tackling the Plastics Challenge

Jenny Davis-Peccoud, who leads Bain's Global Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility practice, discusses how companies can go beyond "reduce, reuse, recycle" to limit the environmental impact of plastic.

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JENNY DAVIS-PECCOUD: We had a great session on Conquering the Plastics Challenge. Joining me was Michael Goltzman from the Coca-Cola Company, Christine Wiederkehr-Luther from Migros, and Jacob Duer, the CEO of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste. Some of the key takeaways: Firstly, plastics is a fantastic material. It's strong, flexible, lightweight, and actually much more environmentally sustainable than many alternatives. But there is a big challenge out there as people are wrestling with its impact on the environment.

We talked through a number of the actions that companies are taking, from reducing and replacing plastics wherever sensible, getting rid of packaging if we really don't need it, reusing and recycling, which will play a big role in helping address the issue over the long term, and actually ideas around reinvention, either products themselves, for example, in-home drink dispensers getting rid of the need for plastic bottles, even of your favorite sodas, or indeed reinventing of the supply chains.

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