Excel on six imperatives to become a market leader


Trade wars, the impact of Covid-19, the rise of metal-intensive electric vehicles and, above all, an intense focus on sustainability are just some of the forces disrupting the metals industry today, demanding bold new strategies and a relentless focus on operational efficiency.

We can help you navigate this fast-changing landscape and master the digital technologies and commercial capabilities that will enable you to compete, innovate, and grow. Our metals consulting experts work in every global region, helping many of the world’s top performing extractors and manufacturers of aluminum, gold, copper, iron, steel, and rare elements achieve the operational efficiencies that power breakthrough results. Around the world, we help our clients with cost transformation, commercial excellence, and a range of sustainability strategies that can help metals companies reduce carbon emissions as they pursue green steel, green aluminum and more.

What does it take to outperform? We’ve identified six imperatives for metals companies: scale of operations, lowest cost of production, digital capabilities, M&A expertise, backward integration, and brand premium/differentiated product portfolio. Our deep experience across every subsector of the metals industry—from exploration to primary metal production, fabrication, and distribution—combined with a wealth of domain expertise across every area of operations, ensures that you meet these challenges and emerge a market leader.  

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