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Whoever coined the term “bankers’ hours” would hardly recognize the industry today. Relentless technological change and ever-evolving regulatory requirements mean banks now operate in a high-velocity, always-on environment. The global pandemic has only intensified disruption, sending CEOs in search of ways to build resilience, identify opportunities, and manage risk.

As fintechs mature and consumer preferences shift, a winning strategy increasingly requires seamless integration of digital and physical channels. This raises the stakes for delivering an outstanding customer experience, a specialty of ours; for decades we’ve helped financial institutions discover what matters most to their customers and pursue the innovations that earn and enhance their loyalty.

In thousands of global banking consulting projects, we’ve helped our clients develop and implement strategies for new digital business models, increasing competition, and shifting regulations. Our banking consultant teams come equipped with unparalleled expertise in mergers and acquisitions, information technology, organizational efficiency, and many other facets of the industry. Whether you’re looking to adopt agile methods at scale, or explore the latest innovations in machine learning, we’re ready to serve as your trusted advisor.

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The Future of Banking

The way people and companies do their banking is evolving rapidly. Bain’s collection of video interviews with exceptional executives of banks, fintechs, and investment firms provides valuable insights on various topics as they affect the future of banking.

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