Post-merger Integration

Post-merger Integration

A unique approach that unlocks value beyond your expectations.

Post-merger Integration

When it comes to achieving full potential in merger integration, we believe that starting from someone else’s work plans is not enough. Your integration deserves its own plan, tailored to your strategic goals. This uncommon approach delivers uncommon value: Bain-supported integrations deliver 50% greater cost and revenue synergies and 18% greater shareholder returns.

Yesterday’s merger integration playbook doesn’t meet today’s needs. Our custom approach is built around your unique goals to help you maximize synergies while delivering your full potential strategic vision.

Our post-merger integration consultants go far beyond typical “arms and legs” program management. We work closely with your leadership to craft a tailored Integration Thesis that serves as the north star for the entire engagement, and we manage the integration around the pivotal decisions that truly deliver deal value: How will you bridge people, cultures, and operating models? How will go-to-market functions combine to achieve new heights? Where is risk lurking?

By harnessing Signal, our cloud-based integration management tool that provides unmatched visibility into all phases of your program, we can manage the “blocking and tackling” of the integration while engaging your leadership on the key decisions that make the difference between success and failure. Finally, to ensure future success, we help you develop a repeatable and flexible merger integration capability that improves over time.

From smaller scope transactions to the most complicated global M&A deals, our collaborative, carefully tailored approach will help you realize your deal’s potential well beyond “Day 1.”

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