A dynamic market demands a dynamic strategy


The Payments industry may have many players, from card issuers and networks to payment processors, merchant acquirers, and fintech start-ups, but they all have one thing in common: a compelling need for a dynamic strategy that can help them win in this rapidly evolving sector.

We bring deep experience to bear across the entire Payments industry, to help you thrive amid increased competition, more stringent regulatory requirements, and the profound impact of contactless, cross-border, online and real-time P2P payments.

We have worked with companies around the world on the full spectrum of current imperatives, from integrated payments to customer loyalty to the adoption of digital wallets, and much more. We have also played a key role in the vast majority of private equity deals in cards and payments, assisting on transactions totaling more than $100 billion in investment value.

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Our Experience

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M&A in Payments: Making Strategic Moves, with Few Headline Deals

While many companies wait for the math to improve, others find deals to expand reach or unlock value.

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