Founder's Mentality®: Remaining Insurgent

Six steps can help growing companies keep their insurgency as they scale.


Founder's Mentality®: Remaining Insurgent

Insurgents are at war on behalf of an underserved customer segment. How can they capture the benefits of scale and scope without bogging themselves down with complexity? How can they continue to embrace turbulence when they are no longer the disrupter? James Allen, leader of Bain's Global Strategy practice, outlines six steps for companies concerned with these issues. To start, executives must define the insurgency for everyone and communicate it in a way that will stick. 

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Founder's Mentality

Fast-growing companies can become global leaders without losing the values that helped them succeed. Bain’s research explores how large incumbents can also reignite their growth by recapturing their Founder’s Mentality®.


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