Bain London Social Impact Report

Bain London Social Impact Report

Globally, social impact is an important part of life at Bain and by participating in Social Impact work, our London office has helped our partner organisations achieve an enormous impact.

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Bain London Social Impact Report

The last 12 months have certainly brought a range of trials and tribulations. We have also seen opportunities for profound social impact, however, and once again, we have been amazed by the incredible dedication, energy and passion that our London Bainies have directed at important causes in the local community and around the world.

Our Social Impact programme in London has two missions.

  1. To support the firm's global social impact strategy
  2. To provide opportunities for London Bain employees to give back

On the strategic side, it was five years ago that the London Partners decided to establish and fund a full-time, pro bono Social Impact Ringfence consisting of a full consulting case team for the entire year, every year.

The focus was to provide continuity and increased impact in our support to our two long-standing social impact community partners - Impetus and the Social Business Trust (SBT). Soon after we established a third partnership with Ark, as we doubled down on education. These partnerships are stronger than ever, and in 2020, Bain teams supported six charities connected to these organisations.

We have seen a lot of 'organic passion' too. The year has witnessed an unprecedented set of events, from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic to a global call to action to address racial equity and more recently, the Beirut disaster. During all of these, Bainies across the office have responded swiftly and epitomised our motto of never letting others down.

Read the full report and learn the many ways London Bainies have made an impact in the last year. 


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