The Power of Customer-Led Innovation

In just months, the legacy insurance company AIA was able to build an award-winning health app.


The Power of Customer-Led Innovation

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In a time when health inequities and post-pandemic challenges continue to impact family wellness, having a reliable life insurance provider is crucial. To better reach its customer base, AIA Group Limited, the largest life insurance group in the Asia-Pacific region, tapped Bain & Company to help it develop a game-changing app. Today, these innovative solutions and strategic partnerships are key to building and sustaining trust with customers in any industry.

In the video above, Stuart Spencer, group chief marketing officer at AIA, Prashant Agarwal, head of digital and customer interactions at AIA, and Michael Egan, partner and head of innovation and design at Bain & Company, discuss their partnership and how the centuries-old insurance company was able to push the boundaries of its core business and develop this customer-centered digital solution. 


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