The Ultimate Question 2.0

The Ultimate Question 2.0

How Net Promoter evolved from a well-known customer loyalty metric into a game-changing management system.

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The Ultimate Question 2.0

A quiet revolution is sweeping the business world, stoked and accelerated by the development of social media and the Internet. Customers and employees post blogs, tweet and text about their experiences in real time. They tell each other what’s really going on, overwhelming the carefully crafted messages proffered by corporate advertising and communications departments.

How can you come out on top in this revolution? By getting in front of it. By creating a customer experience that competitors can’t match. By inspiring your frontline teams to delight your customers every day.

Five years ago, Bain partner Fred Reichheld published The Ultimate Question and introduced the Net Promoter system, a method of building customer feedback into a company’s everyday operations and using that feedback to make the customer experience better and better. Since that time, Net Promoter has proven to be a game-changing system for growth and sustained success.



The basics of the system haven’t changed. Companies that use Net Promoter regularly ask customers the one question that predicts their behavior: “Would you recommend us to a friend?” The answers enable companies to identify promoters—who strengthen a company through their loyalty, their spending and their positive word of mouth—and detractors—who tarnish a firm’s reputation.

What’s new is the scale of the movement, led by companies that have learned to put this feedback to work. Apple, Charles Schwab, Vanguard, Philips, Virgin Media and thousands of other companies have dramatically improved their performance by placing Net Promoter at the center of their business. Fred and Bain partner Rob Markey have teamed up with Harvard Business Review Press to publish a thoroughly revised and updated edition of this landmark book. In the new edition—The Ultimate Question 2.0—the authors:

• Define the fundamental concept of Net Promoter and explain its connection to sustained growth and profitability

• Describe the closed-loop feedback process that companies use to learn from their customers

• Show how that process energizes managers and employees at every level to do a better job day in and day out

• Share in detail how a wide array of companies have boosted growth, profitability and customer delight through Net Promoter

The book also shows how you can lay the groundwork for an effective Net Promoter initiative, by assigning the right leaders, forging links across functions and reorganizing frontline teams around the customer. It includes advice from seasoned users of the Net Promoter system on how to start the journey and surmount the challenges you’ll encounter.

Times are changing. We believe The Ultimate Question 2.0 can point your company toward long-term growth and success in the new environment.

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