What did you do before joining consulting? Why did you make the jump to Bain?

After I graduated, I joined Teach for Malaysia as a teaching fellow and taught for two years in a rural, high-need school. Post fellowship, I was inspired to create larger impact beyond the classroom, so I took on a human capital consulting role to upskill myself in that respect. However, I came to the realization that my long-term aspirations would require an exponential trajectory of self-development. Bain would be the best place for me to take my career further given the learning opportunities, client impact and people. I made the decision to join the firm and have not looked back since.

What are your passions both outside of work and at Bain? 

I left my teaching career, but not social impact. I enjoy participating in social impact activities be it working with kids, sharing my classroom experience or contributing to an environmental cause. I am super grateful that Bain also has a strong commitment to social impact work, which has allowed me to pursue this passion of mine at Bain.

How have you “Built your own Bain”?

I joined Bain being open to new problems, new clients and new industries, and Bain has enabled me to do so at the right pace. Thanks to the support and guidance of my mentors, supervisors, the staffing team and all the resources available at Bain, I was able to chart my path and work on problems that continue to excite me on a day-to-day basis.

Describe a case that was particularly impactful for you.

I worked on digital transformation of a wealth management business solving for its immediate needs as well as its long-term digital requirements across their front-to-back tech stack. It was particularly meaningful to me given this project was an end-to-end journey covering the crafting of digital strategy, vendor assessment and the subsequent digital implementation and launch. Working collaboratively with the client across the whole process was an enriching experience, especially when it led to tangible and meaningful outcomes.

What’s one tip or trick you can offer to incoming recruits interested in consulting?

Be passionate! Solving problems with passion gives us the drive to go the extra mile, energizes ourselves & our teammates, and more importantly, delivers better results for our clients.