Dan Haas


Washington, DC


Dan Haas is the former head of the firm’s Americas Private Equity practice. He co-founded the practice over 25 years ago and works with a variety of financial investors and alternative asset investors, including traditional buyout firms, hedge funds, infrastructure and real estate funds, distressed debt funds, sovereign wealth funds, family firms and institutional investors.

Dan has lived and worked for Bain in both the United States and Europe over the course of his career. Consulting Magazine recognized Dan in its annual list of "Top 25 Consultants" in 2008. 

In his current role at Bain, he primarily focuses on asset class strategy, fund operations, organizational effectiveness, investment deal generation, strategic due diligence and portfolio company improvement. He has partnered with funds and investors across North America, Europe and Latin America.

Dan has advised on hundreds of deals in leveraged buyout, debt and restructuring assignments. He is also an active advisor to corporate M&A and merger integration programs.

Additionally, he has served on Bain’s Board of Directors, as well as the firm's Nominating Committee. He currently serves on the firm’s Investment Committee.

Dan’s writing has been featured in the Harvard Business Review and Worldlink, and his LBO expertise has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Journal of Private Equity, The Daily Deal, Reuters and Bloomberg News.

He earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and received Bachelor of Arts degrees in economics and history from Brown University.

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