Jim Claunch

엑스퍼트 파트너,



Jim Claunch is a Digital visionary with more than 35 years of experience in the Energy sector. He is an expert and proven thought-leader in digital transformations of the upstream sector. 

Jim has extensive experience engaging industry leaders to develop a coordinated, industry-wide approach. His experience includes organizational change and development, leadership, people development and workforce planning.

He has held various senior executive positions, including CFO, CIO, SVP and VP, across multiple companies and industries. Included in Jim’s 35 years of experience are 14 years of living and working outside of the US.

Previous roles Jim has held include:

  • Vice President of Business Efficiency at Equinor. His responsibilities included integrating functions including IT, data science, Lean, data management, management systems and digital projects with engineers and other competencies to reduce safety risk and improve the bottom line. This included new ways of working enabled by digital and Lean.
  • Managing Director of Growth Capital Partner’s Energy Group in the Merchant Bank’s Houston office.
  • CFO and CIO of Power Well Services (PWS), a global oilfield services company controlled by First Reserve.  PWS was comprised via six acquisitions and later sold to Expro International Group PLC.
  • Sr. Vice President of Shared Services and IT at Intercontinental Hotels Group.
  • Vice President of Global Shared Services for Halliburton Energy Group, where he had global responsibility for accounting, communications, finance, HR, procurement, quality and IT functions.

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