Rob Levy

엑스퍼트 파트너,



Rob Levy is an expert in our Private Equity and Technology and Cloud Services practices. He joined in 2021 after serving as an expert advisor since 2018, during which he completed more than 50 technology and due diligence engagements.

In tandem with some of the largest PE firms and Fortune 500 software companies in the US and internationally, he leads engagements spanning strategy and industry insights, innovation, business model development, software development, and operational excellence across product, marketing, operations, and support domains. Rob has generated more than $30B of deal value.

Rob’s PE expertise includes thesis creation and market analysis, target identification, roll-up strategy, and due diligence (both commercial/strategic, as well as technical and GTM). Post-acquisition, Rob engages either the PE or the client directly on strategy, value realization, organizational alignment, R&D excellence, and GTM.

Rob currently serves as a senior investment advisor on Goldman Sachs's Private Equity Software Council and is a board member of two enterprise software companies.

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