Rupert Colchester



Leader in Enterprise Technology practice with a specialism in building digital platforms for new markets and broad experience across technology consulting and services


전문 분야

  • Led the build and commercialisation of a fintech backed by three of the largest banks in Australia
  • 4 years as consulting leader building enterprise blockchain platforms
  • 10+ years experience in technology services

Rupert is a member of our Enterprise Technology practice.

Prior to joining Bain, he spent 14 years at IBM where he worked in both the consulting and technology services divisions.

He was the lead consulting partner for a large telecommunications company - delivering services ranging from digital transformation through the use of AI, 5G and IoT technologies to business process outsourcing.

He also started consulting practices specialising in enterprise blockchain in both the London and Sydney offices between 2016 and 2020. He led the incorporation of Lygon, a fintech and blockchain-based digital platform for the issuance and management of bank guarantees.

In his free time Rupert is a family man, first. With his partner and young daughter, he is always in search of some combination of food, travel and sport.

He has a BSc in artificial intelligence and computer science from the University of Edinburgh.

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