Erin Jefferson

Recruiter, Boston

About Erin

Hi, I'm Erin, and I work on the Bain recruiting team.

Prior to Bain, I worked in the tech field. After a couple of years, I had started to help recruit at my alma mater and realized that I really loved getting on campus and meeting with students. So that's what got me into campus recruiting.

"Something that's really unique about Bain, and something I really like, is our home staffing model."

When I'm going to get coffee in the café, I'll run into people who I have recruited to be summer associates (SAs). It's really neat to be able to see those folks around the office.

In my role here, I wear two hats. One is leading our recruiting efforts at the Tuck School of Business, and the other one is recruiting consultants and SAs for our Boston office.

If you're at Tuck, I highly recommend coming to our events, as well as setting up time to meet with our on-campus representative while you're learning about the process and preparing for that first-round interview. 

If you're interested in working in the Boston office, I would recommend seeking out former Bain employees on your campus. We send former associate consultants to business schools all over the world, and there's most likely someone who has worked in the Boston office who can give you more information.

Hopefully Bain will be a company that you're interested in applying to. Whether you're at Tuck, or you're interested in the Boston office, I look forward to meeting you soon!