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Building Entrepreneurial Leaders (BEL)

Building Entrepreneurial Leaders (BEL)

We welcome second-year (sophomore) students in a four-year program who have Black, Hispanic/Latin American, or Indigenous heritage for a weeklong program working as an associate consultant. You’ll join us in-person at one of our US or Canada offices in early summer, analyze a real client situation, and present your findings to leadership.

Try out consulting to see if this career is for you

We founded the BEL program in 2009 to help students like yourself explore a career in management consulting. You’ll get trained like one of our associate consultants and be staffed on a case team where you’ll analyze a piece of the project and share your analysis. It’s an opportunity to sharpen your business acumen and see what you could gain from a career at Bain.

Get a feel for the work and test your skills

Eligibility & Timeline

This program is for those who have Black, Hispanic/Latin American, or Indigenous heritage

This program is for undergraduate second-year (sophomore) bachelor’s degree candidates completing their degree at a four-year institution in the US or Canada, who have Black, Hispanic/Latin American or Indigenous (Native American, Alaska Native, Inuit, Métis and First Nations) heritage.

Apply in Early 2024

Applications will open up in January 2024. When applying, you’ll be asked to select up to three office preferences, as well as submit your:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Educational information
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Test scores (if applicable)

In the meantime, join us at one of our marketing events and talk to our team virtually or in-person.

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