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Marketing Consulting Internship by FRWD

Marketing Consulting Internship by FRWD

We invite candidates in their second-to-last year of undergraduate study who identify as Black to join us for a paid internship to learn how a top strategy consulting firm does digital marketing. You’ll join real client projects, in-person, in London.

Get paid to perfect paid search

We’ll invite you to learn both the tactics and strategy of reaching buyers online—from paid search to social to zooming out to optimize media mixes and AB test for knowledge. You’ll work alongside experts at the top of their field in our digital marketing practice FRWD as they explain and explore client marketing challenges, and develop the technical skills to implement those lessons.

Intensive training in all areas of digital marketing

Eligibility & Timeline

This program is for undergraduate students of Black heritage

To apply, you’ll need to upload a copy of your CV and complete all the application questions.

You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the assessments you might take in our candidate preparation hub.

Apply in February

This program is for current undergraduate students who identify as Black, and who are also: 

  • Team players
  • Analytical
  • Intellectually curious
  • Motivated by deadlines

In particular, we’re seeking candidates who’ve had prior internships in marketing or business or have taken a leadership role in a business, marketing, or technology society in college.

This internship occurs in-person in London.

Our applications are now closed and will reopen in February 2024. In the meantime, join us at one of our marketing events and talk to our team virtually or in-person.

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