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Case study

Results360® Propels an Appliance Maker Into a New Era of Growth

Co-creation approach aligns leadership on actions to support a bold transformation

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At a Glance

  • 40% expected increase in enterprise value over 3 years
  • 12+ digital initiatives designed and implemented over several years

The Story

Faced with stagnating sales and outdated processes, ApplianceCo* sought an ambitious new plan for the digital era. The company turned to us for a digital transformation that would propel it toward a bold, integrated 10-year vision that is expected to increase enterprise value by about 40% over the next three years.

We helped ApplianceCo’s leadership define a clear digital strategy using Co-creation, a unique approach within our Results360 change management solution. This helped ApplianceCo’s leaders quickly align around three foundational pillars: win over consumers, reinvent how work gets done and improve operational efficiency. Our Leadership workshops also helped the senior leaders better operate as a team.

Using Agile principles, we helped ApplianceCo design more than a dozen new digital initiatives—each supported by a robust business case and implementation plan—to overhaul its digital operations over several years. We co-created a detailed roadmap to keep ApplianceCo's people focused and limit duplication across marketing, sales, service, product design, supply chains, manufacturing and logistics.

To ensure strong outcomes, we helped ApplianceCo set up a Results Delivery® Office , giving its leaders the processes and tools they need to efficiently steer the digital initiatives. The RDO supported and coordinated implementation across interrelated initiatives, helping ApplianceCo maintain a swift but achievable pace. The RDO provided visibility into progress and results, mitigated risks, facilitated resource allocation, and maintained strong alignment among business units. 

In addition to the expected value uplift, ApplianceCo’s leaders report sustained behavior and performance change among its people, with new leaders and sponsors. These capabilities will give ApplianceCo a competitive advantage in fulfilling the evolving needs of its customers.

We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real. 

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