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Retail Media Networks

As advertising dollars continue migrating to digital, retailers can turn their digital investments into potent sources of new revenue. Transforming your digital platform into a media network creates a world of possibilities—if you know how to compete.

Retail Media Networks

There’s a new strategy in the retail playbook. Propelled by the acceleration of online shopping in the last two years, retailers are reimagining their existing digital platforms as prime advertising real estate for suppliers like brands and marketplace partners. By augmenting traditional marketing methods, like in-store placements and catalog promotions with advertisements on their own e-commerce sites, they’re tapping into a new revenue source with high profitability and steep growth rates. Moreover, this migration gives them something even more valuable: real-time insights about consumer preferences and behaviors that can help them refine their approach.

Globally, Retail Media is expected to grow over 10% per year through 2026


estimated increase in spend from 2022 to 2026

Retail Media Networks bring big opportunities—increased revenue, access to rich consumer data, and applicability across a variety of industries—but with them, unique challenges. Competing with pure online players for suppliers’ dollars is, for many, new territory—but the time is now for retailers to get on board. Our extensive experience in e-commerce digital marketing can help you chart the best course. We’ve helped global retailers identify the right strategy, team, and tools to leverage their existing platforms. And we have guided them on how to prioritize investment—with a focus on results that are measurable, targeted, and real-time—and in turn capture share from competitors.

A Framework of Three Core Pillars

A Framework of Three Core Pillars

With this critical foundation in place, retailers can better target their customers, attract more site traffic, and build a new business with contribution margins as high as 80% in some cases. And retailers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this framework; in fact, any consumer-facing business with a digital platform—from telcos to airlines to financial services companies—can seize the opportunity to better serve their customers while simultaneously capturing more revenue. Whatever your business, we’ll help you create a roadmap to establish your Media Network, identify success metrics, and launch a vital next-generation profit center that can thrive alongside your traditional marketing business.

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