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Harnessing Founder Talent to Accelerate Corporate Innovation

Bain's Rishi Roongta chats with M13 founder Carter Reum about the benefits of harnessing the talent and expertise of ecosystem partners.


Harnessing Founder Talent to Accelerate Corporate Innovation

Top-tier innovators and disrupters across industries have demonstrated that marginal advantages can compound over time to separate them from the competition, but the journey is challenging. Small decisions and flawless execution combine to make a big difference for those that find success. That’s why harnessing the experience and skill set of young start-ups and venture studios can help propel incumbents as they build businesses outside of their typical bull’s-eye. Hear from innovation leaders Rishi Roongta, vice president and founder of the Bain Innovation Exchange, and Carter Reum, venture studio pioneer and founder of M13, as they discuss how companies can accelerate corporate innovation by tapping into the unique advantages and experiences of ecosystem partners.

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