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In Asia Pacific, Telehealth Adoption Is Expected to Soar through 2024

The region is entering a new era for technology-enabled healthcare delivery.

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In Asia Pacific, Telehealth Adoption Is Expected to Soar through 2024

Covid-19 was the catalyst for the latest great experiment in healthcare: telehealth. While the trend in telemedicine was taking off before the pandemic, adoption soared over the past two years, exceeding both consumer and caregiver predictions.

A Bain survey of 1,750 consumers across the Asia-Pacific region found that telehealth usage essentially doubled since 2019—except in Australia, where adoption increased ninefold. Safety risks related to Covid-19 initially encouraged the growth, but consumers are now turning to telehealth more broadly due to its efficiency, time savings, and accessibility. Asia-Pacific consumers expect to increasingly use telehealth through 2024.

Physicians are enthusiastic about telehealth, too. Their adoption nearly doubled since 2019, and they expect it to continue to grow through 2024. In fact, 56% of physicians said more than 25% of their primary consultations could be delivered virtually in the coming years.

While fact-to-face and physical interactions will resume in some cases, digital delivery models are now a permanent fixture in the healthcare landscape. Providers will need to empower consumers and physicians with the right technology and digital tools in order to continue delivering high-quality outcomes.


Asia-Pacific Front Line of Healthcare Report 2022

The pandemic led to rapid reinvention of healthcare delivery in the Asia-Pacific region.


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