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Beyond the Bio Podcast

How Workers Can Benefit from Automation

Onyinye Ibeneche Avbovbo, a partner in our Boston office, focuses her work on how our clients can leverage automation while keeping workers at the center of the workforce. Onyinye joins us to share how her experiences prior to Bain, as an engineer and running her father's chicken farm in Nigeria, led her to the firm and make her a better consultant who thinks about prioritizing people and communities.


How Workers Can Benefit from Automation

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Onyinye Ibeneche Avbovbo, a partner in our Boston office, considers herself a “citizen of the world.” Born in Nigeria, Onyinye moved to the Netherlands at 2 years old and would move back and forth between the two countries with her family due to her father’s engineering job. Throughout her childhood, Onyinye’s father often purchased circuit boards and chemistry sets, which ignited her interest in engineering and technology.

Onyinye attended Clarkston University, a small college in northern New York with about 3,000 students. Being from Nigeria and going to a new country, she wanted to go to a college that was small enough that she could know the people while attending a school that had a heavy focus on engineering. After graduating, Onyinye joined General Electric and later continued her education at Harvard Business School to help her “adult” in Nigeria and give back. She’d help run her father’s chicken farm after earning her MBA, which created formal employment in her father’s hometown and provided a good and affordable source of nutrition for the community.

Now at Bain, Onyinye focuses on transformation and operating model projects that drive changes to organizations' structures and ways of working, while leveraging the benefits of automation in the workforce. Her unique engineering and business background gives her a broad perspective, and she is a valuable leader at the firm. Listen to Onyinye’s journey to Bain and how she’s supporting our clients in making people the center of the workforce with the continued advancement of automation.


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