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Yoky Matsuoka of Google Health on the Future of Healthcare

The vice president of Google Health spoke with Bain Partner Lori Sherer about the opportunities to use data and technology to improve outcomes for patients.


Yoky Matsuoka of Google Health on the Future of Healthcare

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There is a huge opportunity for technology and data science to change the way healthcare is delivered and the outcomes for patients, but the industry's massive size means it will be a marathon, not a sprint, Google Health Vice President Yoky Matsuoka told Bain Partner Lori Sherer in a fireside chat at the Women in Data Science conference at Stanford University this month. "We all need to sort of bite at it from different angles," Matsuoka said. "... By the time we feel like, 'Wow, we are making a difference,' it's going to be 10 years from now."


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