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Marcus Wacker

Sobre o Marcus

Hi, my name is Marcus. With expertise in Design and Product Strategy, I lead Bain's Product Design team in the EMEA region out of our new Digital Discovery Hub in Berlin.

To me, Bain is one of the world's most exciting and rewarding places to work at, inspiring us to grow and learn as both designers and individuals. It's probably one of the most impactful places to be as a designer due to the unique fusion between design and strategy.

We integrate closely with our Strategy Consultants and apply our user-centered approach to create high-impact solutions for our client’s toughest business problems. Working across industries means that every project is a new challenge, it keeps our toolset proficiency at a high bar.

If you are applying for a product designer role at Innovation and Design team, we will check for a breadth of design skills and talents. You will need to be confident across the full design process, generating user insights, ideating solutions, creating interactive prototypes and emotionally engaging visual designs. But what we’re really looking for in you is an inspiring personality, a belief in the power of people, and the will to get your hands dirty and bring ideas to life.