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Francesco Scorza



Sobre o Francesco


  • Financial Services Institutions, Asset Managers and Credit Servicers
  • Real Estate addicted; passionate for distressed situation to be re-launched
  • 20+ experience in Bain consulting across Italy

Francesco Scorza is a member of Bain's Transformation and Change practices for mid-sized corporations.

His focus areas include: crafting value creation plans, set-up and revision of operating models, and orchestration of change programs to align companies' ways of working to newly defined strategic objectives.

Francesco is also an expert in Real Estate, particularly with regards to asset management opportunities, both within commercial real estate and distressed situations. In this field, Francesco has developed extensive and profound skills, working on corporate restructuring issues.

He joined Bain in 1999 and was elected to the partnership in 2015.

Prior to joining Bain, Francesco graduated with honors in mechanical engineering from the University of Genoa and completed the MBA program at Politecnico di Milano.

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