Expert Consulting

Expert Consulting

On this team, you’ll be among a select group of individuals with the unique depth of experience to address the company’s most pressing client opportunities. Expert consultants are at the core of Bain’s model—we focus on commercial outcomes, work alongside general consultants and other experts, and help those clients achieve things that otherwise aren’t possible. If you enjoy working with clients and want to be a premier expert in your specific field, this is the team for you.

We look for individuals with deep domain expertise

We work on client case teams where our expertise in specific areas like supply chain, commercial excellence, advanced analytics, or enterprise technology make the winning difference. Whenever a case arises that requires our unique knowledge, we take it on. That’s different from general consultants, who work across industries and capabilities. On this team, you’ll get to pursue your greatest passions. 

We hire expert consultants at all levels. In our highly supportive culture you’ll have a career roadmap and training tailored to your situation. Early on you might be on workstreams within case teams, whereas later on, you’ll spend more time leading those teams, working on client development opportunities, and developing intellectual property around your specialty. No matter where you begin, there's always a path to leadership. 

A big part of the job—and why you may love it here—is staying current in your field, and helping your colleagues do the same. You’ll train others, develop partnerships in the industry, and be our expert for that area. 

What our people love about working on this team

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