Davos 2019: Commitment to Sustainability

Bain Partner Norbert Hueltenschmidt discusses the importance of sustainability and responsibility in transforming an overall business.


Davos 2019: Commitment to Sustainability

Norbert Hueltenschmidt, a partner with Bain's Healthcare practice, describes the many benefits of investing in and building the right capabilities to engage with customers and identify new opportunities in sustainability and responsibility.

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NORBERT HUELTENSCHMIDT: What has intrigued me the most this year in Davos is actually how much sustainability has moved into the discussions, and sustainability and responsibility is becoming part of the overall agenda. It's really interesting to see how much commitment there is individually from people in order to transform their business.

I've spoken to a CEO of an integrated healthcare company, and that person has invested in their company over the last five years $5 billion each year in order to really build the capability to self-fund the business and to actually create benefits, not only on the cost side but much more on the positive lives and on the health of the insured lives.

One important takeaway from Davos is that sustainability and responsibility is becoming an additional currency, which is slowly migrating into the traditional way of doing business. So it's a nice way to engage with customers in identifying new segments of opportunities that can transform an overall business.


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