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Deal Teams Go Digital

The private equity industry is about to disrupt itself.


Deal Teams Go Digital

On the previous episode of Dry Powder, I spoke with Graham Rose about how private equity will put record-breaking sums of capital to work.

Today on the show, we’ll consider how the deal teams themselves will continue to work at a distance.  Between Zoom calls, instant messenging and advanced analytics, the private equity industry is ripe for disruption.

“Chances are that that change will be faster even than it was over the last five years,” says Graham, a partner in Bain’s Private Equity practice. We’ll explore the possibilities of a digital dealmaking process, as well as its outer limits.

We’ll also consider whether these digital upheavals will favor investors who have sector expertise or those with a beginner’s mind.


The Private Equity Podcast

In our podcast series, Bain's Hugh MacArthur interviews leading experts on the trends and opportunities that will redefine the private equity industry.

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