Game Changers 2024: The Value Creation Playbook

Bain’s Navneet Chahal and DSG Consumer Partners’ Hariharan Premkumar discuss how insurgent brands in India can create value and rewrite the playbook for success.


Game Changers 2024: The Value Creation Playbook

In the last webinar on India Insurgents Playbook, we defined insurgent brands as those that are winning the hearts of underserved consumers in India. These brands continue to capture an outsized share of growth in consumption.

In this webinar, Navneet Chahal, a partner with Bain’s Consumer Products, Retail, and Customer practices, and Hariharan Premkumar, managing director at DSG Consumer Partners, launch Insurgex, an index that celebrates insurgent brands that are growing in a capital efficient manner and discuss learnings on mode of exits and drivers of founder value for insurgent brands. They also zoom in on emerging consumer megatrends in Food and Beverages industry that the insurgents can tap into, to drive strong growth.

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