How to win someone over in a conversation

How to win someone over in a conversation

Seven components to effective and efficient communication with clients and beyond.

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How to win someone over in a conversation

The ability to communicate with people correctly is one of the key skills a top manager needs. Most people leading successful companies can speak well and are able to get people to follow them. I think, this is something similar to natural selection. Charismatic leaders will be able to find the words that resonate with the audience, to inflame people - when the mood improves, and you are willing to be better and to follow them. There are a lot of good communicators among both men and women. Women are normally better at listening, and men sound more confident.

However, independent of the gender, inborn abilities and status, every person has his or her strengths and weaknesses in communication. Lacking capabilities can be developed. Besides, they will also be of use in one’s day-to-day life, not just in business.

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