Inside Bain’s Greater Bay Area SME Report

Bain’s Herbert Lee, Frankie Leung, and Wenting Zhao share key takeaways and research from our new report.


Inside Bain’s Greater Bay Area SME Report

Note: The webinar recording above is presented in Chinese.

The Greater Bay Area (GBA) is poised to become a technology, innovation, and ecommerce hub for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).  According to our research, about half of the mainland SMEs say they’re likely to expand into Hong Kong or Macau, and nearly 75% of Hong Kong SMEs expect to expand into mainland China. SMEs are ready to grow when borders reopen.

In this webinar, Bain Financial Service experts Herbert Lee, Frankie Leung, and Dr. Wenting Zhao, are joined by panelists to discuss how financial institutions can fuel the area’s growth by making it easier for SMEs to innovate beyond traditional services, reach untapped segments, and unlock enormous opportunity.

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