Macroeconomic Outlook: Implications for Private Equity

Bain's Hugh MacArthur and Karen Harris discuss the impacts that current macroeconomic trends have on private equity.


Macroeconomic Outlook: Implications for Private Equity

As we cross the halfway point of 2022, there are clearly some destabilizing macro trends. Whether the future holds a soft landing, an inflationary new normal, a mild recession, stagflation, or a severe recession—all of these outcomes are going to have a dramatic impact on how industries and companies perform. And that's why macro is at the forefront of many discussions about private investment these days. In this webinar, Bain Partners Hugh MacArthur, head of Bain’s Global Private Equity practice, and Karen Harris, managing director of Bain’s Macro Trends Group, examine the current macroeconomic outlook and its implications for investors.

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