Coming Soon: Global Private Equity Report 2023

Bain’s annual Global Private Equity Report examines how macroeconomic uncertainty has put an end to the extraordinary surge in dealmaking over the past several years, and what to expect from the challenging year ahead.

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Navigating a shifting tide

In the first half of 2022, private equity did its best to maintain the impressive rally in dealmaking, exits, and fund-raising following the height of the pandemic. But by year-end, rising inflation and a host of other macro disrupters produced sharp declines across all fronts. In 2023, funds will continue to face a range of challenges. But history shows that deals made coming out of a downturn typically generate superior returns over time.

Our annual report reflects on several factors that dominated the private equity landscape in 2022—from inflation to financial instability and uncertainty, to geopolitical tensions—and how players can navigate the turbulent year ahead.

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Global Private Equity Report 2022

After a record year, Bain's Global Private Equity Report examines the industry’s strengths, its challenges, and the evolutionary path that lies ahead.

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