Business Transformations That Work

Business Transformations That Work

Business transformations are about continuously reshaping an organization. When they work, they enhance performance, increase efficiency, and create a competitive advantage.

Business Transformations That Work

Transformations that Work

Over the last 20 years, we've partnered with leading companies, observing successful business transformations and studying others. We've identified six crucial differences between successful transformation programs and the rest. This article explores why many efforts fall short and outlines strategies used by top companies to deliver transformative results.

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Transformations That Work

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Sustainable Strategies for Long-Term Results

Sustainable Strategies for Long-Term Results

In the past few years, nearly every major corporation has begun a business transformation. In fact, our research indicates that more than 33% of large companies are currently engaged in a transformation project. But many of these programs fall short of their intended impact, with only 12% of major change programs producing lasting results. That’s because successful business transformations no longer mean following transformative programs periodically; they’re about building an ongoing process of change into the company’s operating rhythms. The key to success lies in the ability of individuals within the organization to embrace change initiated by leadership and driven from the middle out. With our extensive business transformation research and experience, we can help you adopt best practices to achieve transformations that work.

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