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Supplying a Demand: Training Leaders

Jennie Tung, a VP in our Palo Alto office, has played a critical role in the way we view training, both internally and with our clients.


Supplying a Demand: Training Leaders

There’s nothing better than having a supportive partner who wants the best for you.

For Jennie Tung, a vice president in our Palo Alto office and head of our global Bain Academy, she found exactly that from Bain—full support to take on a role for professional and personal development during a critical time in her career.  

That role eventually grew into her leading Bain Academy, a team that provides customized learning experiences led by Bain experts. Our learning programs, such as the executive program designed to provide high potential CEO talent with management and strategic skills through multi-day sessions and our masterclasses that specialize on a particular topic, are all based off Bain’s own internal global trainings.  

Learn more about her journey of building out Bain Academy, which started as one-off requests and became a fully global operation—exports customized trainings for clients all over the world and offers a supportive partner to help them develop their own trainings.  

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Beyond the Bio Podcast

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