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When Software Eats the World of Finance

The worlds of fintech and financial services are merging into one.


When Software Eats the World of Finance

Jeff Tijssen is the leader of Bain’s global fintech business. For more than 15 years he’s helped financial institutions accelerate their digital strategies, but this year has caught Jeff by surprise.

“The pace of change that we’re seeing today is unlike anything that I’ve ever seen before,” Jeff told me during our wide-ranging conversation on the fintech sector.

“They’re not just building a better version of what already exists. They’re fundamentally reimagining the whole financial services industry.” 

On today’s episode of Dry Powder, Jeff will give us a bird’s-eye view of the transformations sweeping through the financial sector. We’ll explore practical opportunities investors are identifying and taking advantage of today. We’ll also consider how the fintech world and the financial services world are merging into one radically reimagined industry.

“To me, fintech is financial services,” Jeff says. “I don’t necessarily think there is a distinction."


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