Ann Siml



Expert in carbon and energy transition


전문 분야

  • Deep expertise in energy transition and decarbonization
  • World Economic Forum fellow for Net Zero Carbon Markets
  • Leadership roles in our Energy and Sustainability practices

Ann (Alampi) Siml is a leader in both our Energy and Natural Resources and Sustainability and Responsibility practices, helping clients to achieve full potential through the carbon and energy transition.

She co-leads our collaboration with the World Economic Forum on Net Zero Carbon Markets.

Ann has advised a range of clients over her 7+ years at Bain. She has also contributed to published and proprietary thought leadership on carbon markets, climate change, global energy markets and the energy transition.

Beyond her client work, she co-leads Bain's commercial activities for both Energy and Sustainability in the UK. She also co-leads our London office's Sustainability Interest Group, to share expertise and build community amongst our team.

She started her career in Houston, is now based in London and has advised clients across North America and Europe.

Ann holds an S.B. from MIT in earth and atmospheric science as well as an MBA from INSEAD.

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