Audrey Hadida




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  • Focuses on Global Consumer Products companies, in particular Food & Beverage, cosmetics and luxury
  • Expert in complex, fast-paced transformation programs, winning strategies, and full value creation plans

Audrey Hadida is a member of our Consumer Products and Private Equity practices.

Audrey primarily advises global and European leading companies in various consumer products categories, including food & beverage, cosmetics, and luxury.

Audrey is an expert in designing and implementing winning, complex and fast-paced transformation programs, corporate & business unit strategies and end-to-end value creation plans to help companies reach full potential.

These strategies focus on brand growth, commercial excellence, marketing effectiveness, and productivity improvement. She is also deeply involved in multiple merger situations: buy-side, sell-side, and post-merger integration.

Audrey joined Bain in 2012 and spent 3 years in our London office.

Audrey is a graduate of Ecole Centrale.

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