Nkosana Mpofu



What project are you most proud of? 

I’m very proud of the Johannesburg office project move I was involved in. We transitioned offices and it was a significant amount of work. I was responsible for the IT component and ensuring that all our systems and networks were properly functioning in the new office. It was a collaboration between global services and local services, and we did it with minimal disruption. We took great care to ensure the entire system was properly transported, and all our networks were properly secured. It was a great example of teamwork. 

Why Bain?  

I was drawn to Bain’s culture of excellence, innovation, and collaboration. I was also excited by the opportunity to work for a company that is constantly voted the best place to work. I credit my success here so far to hard work, dedication, and the support I’ve received. I’ve also gained an in-depth understanding of the industry by working with a wide variety of people from different cultures. 

How have you grown professionally?  

I’ve grown within the TSG department and been promoted twice. There’s a strong emphasis on professional development and tailored support for individuals transitioning roles. There are many resources available—learning and development programs, career planning tools, and mentorship opportunities. 

How have Bain’s affinity groups factored into your experience?  

As a member of Black at Bain South Africa, I have had an incredibly positive experience. I have formed strong relationships with other members of the group. We’ve had group meetings, offsites, and seminars to discuss topics related to diversity and inclusion, as well as social events to get to know one another. I’ve been able to learn from my peers’ experiences and perspectives, which has been invaluable.

Nkosana's Career Story

"I was drawn to Bain’s culture of excellence, innovation, and collaboration."