Elizabeth Pearsons




Liz is a member of our Private Equity practice, specializing in retail and consumer products. She also works in B2B software with an eye toward retail and e-commerce enablement solutions.

Liz has significant experience serving private equity sponsors on diligence and post-acquisition strategy projects, and works with sponsors across the size spectrum from early-stage growth equity to large cap funds. She has led more than 150 private equity projects across a broad range of consumer sectors, including food and beverage, grocery, beauty and personal care, apparel and luxury, home goods, restaurants, nutrition and wellness, D2C, consumer tech, and other specialty sectors. Her B2B software work spans sales and marketing, e-commerce enablement, supply chain and logistics software, and more.

In addition to her private equity experience, Liz has also worked on a range of issues for corporate clients, including growth strategy, customer strategy and marketing, M&A, and brand strategy.

Outside of her case work, Liz enjoys spending time with her Boston office colleagues. She leads a core pillar of Bain Boston's DEI mission, holds several leadership roles in recruiting, and is an enthusiastic member of the Bain Band.

Liz holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Business, and a BA from Northwestern University.

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