Geoff Versteeg




Geoff Versteeg is a member of our Energy & Natural Resources and Advanced Manufacturing & Services practices. His professional career spans 23 years in Toronto and London, including the past 16 years working in management consulting.

Elected to the Partnership in 2016, the majority of Geoff's client work is focused on the energy sector, including power generation, asset/infrastructure transition (e.g. nuclear SMR, hydrogen, EVs, energy storage), energy retail, and energy technology. He has supported clients across diverse geographies including the UK, EU, North America, Russia, the Middle East, Africa and Azerbaijan. His expertise is in corporate and business unit strategy, full business transformation, operating model and organization design, major capital projects and cost. 

In addition to his client-facing roles, Geoff leads Bain's UK relationships with environmental not-for-profits including CDP and the Clean Air Fund. He also serves on the London Regional Board of Business in the Community, a non-profit board of UK business leaders committed to equity, inclusion and the environment.

Geoff holds an MBA with Distinction from London Business School and a Bachelor of Arts degree with Combined Honours in English and History from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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