Herman Spruit

어드바이저 파트너,



Herman Spruit is a leader in the firm's Financial Services practice. 

Herman has extensive international experience across the financial services industry, in which he has worked as a general manager, investor and advisor for more than 30 years. As a result, he is able to provide CEOs, boards and corporate leadership teams with guidance and robust challenges on the highest-value strategic and organizational choices they face.

In addition, Herman has also led several value-based management programs at large complex public companies to set the standards for all areas of decision-making. He has a particular interest in applying these disciplines in family-owned businesses to deliver superior value growth in their industries.

Herman started his career as an International Manager at HSBC where he held a variety of positions in Hong Kong, the UAE and Vanuatu. He also served as managing partner at Marakon Associates, the strategy consulting firm that developed value-based management, where he led the European practice. Prior to Bain, he worked in private equity at Frontiers Capital, a firm specialized in secondary direct transactions. Over the course of his career, Herman has worked across Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.

Outside of his work at Bain, Herman is an Ambassador for Leaders' Quest, an organization committed to improving the quality of leadership and the impact of leaders around the world. He is also on the advisory Board of Manocap, an investment fund that provides growth capital in Sierra Leone, as well as the Chairman of annatommie mc, a series of medical clinics in the Netherlands focused on mobility.

Herman earned his MBA from IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland and holds a BSc degree in Economics from Bristol University.

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