Joanna Goodman (Pucci)



Joanna Goodman is a member of our Healthcare & Life Sciences and Social impact practice.

Within healthcare and life sciences, Joanna has worked with many of the top payers, pharma services companies, and providers. Her work primarily focuses on corporate strategy and customer experience (including B2B) as well as post-acquisition growth strategies for private equity-backed portfolio companies.

Within Social Impact, Joanna focuses on economic development and health equity. She has co-led the development of our health equity strategy, and both led and advised many of our health equity cases with non-profits, impact investors, and provider systems.

Beyond her client work, she is a Women @ Bain peer group leader and advocate for the associate classes.

Joanna joined Bain as an associate consultant, and has a bachelor’s degree in economics and public policy from Dartmouth, as well as an MBA and MPP from Harvard. Before returning to Bain post-grad school, Joanna spent a year at the Robin Hood Foundation in New York as the Director of Strategic Initiatives.

In her personal time, Joanna loves to run, travel, and spend time with her family, including her husband and young son.

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